№ 55 Time Periods

Brian and Melissa discuss their favorite historical time periods.

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If we could choose any superpower, I'd pick 'slowing time' and Melissa would pick 'telekinesis'. So my power would let me do more work, and hers would let her do less ☺️

№ 54 Disney Songs

Melissa and Brian are joined by Melissa’s brother Tim Binzel to discuss their favorite animated Disney movie songs. Melissa says at the beginning, “I’m probably going to get flak for my list.” Tune in to find out how much she gets!

A penny saved is a second wasted.

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Tim: “There's some cuff links hanging from his rear view mirror.”

Brian: “That's weird to see in Alabama.”

Tim: “I meant to say 'handcuffs'.”

Brian: “Oh. Never mind then.”

№ 53 Pets

Brian and Melissa are joined by special guest Micah Bucy to talk about their top ten choices for a pet (if money were no object and they had servants to actually take care of the pet).


If a picture is worth one thousand words, a novel is only worth a 3-second video (80,000 words; 80 pictures; 24 FPS).


Stay implausibly fine

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It's gonna be one of those lives.


If capitalism runs its course, we're going to end up with The Gulf of Taco Bell.

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№ 40 1000 Books

Brian met his 1000 book goal, so he discusses the books he's read, highlighting every hundredth book.

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№ 39 Sports

Brian and guest host Matt Koser discuss their favorite sports to play and watch.

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