What do babies dream about?

№ 151 100 Movies 2022 Planning

This year, Melissa and Brian are going to watch or rewatch 100 films, leading up to a top 10 films of all time list in 2023.

Ignorant men raise questions that wise men answered a thousand years ago.
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
№ 149 Muppet Movies

Brian and Melissa watched all the Muppet movies in 2021. What is the best Muppet movie, and more importantly, which is the worst?

Brian's 2021 Year In Review

First time doing one of these Years in Review! I'm subtitling 2021, "Restart".

№ 147 Scary Movies 2021

Brian and Melissa and almost-regulars-at-this-point Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono rank the Halloween movies the Kosers watched in October.

№ 146 Dune Movie Review

Brian and Melissa and guest Clint discuss the movie Dune, from the perspective of a book reader and a non-book reader.

What did the pizza say to his wife?

I'm feeling ranchy!


My REST APIs are correct 200% of the time


Power through Naming

I wake up feeling exhausted, sore, and old (I’m only 32).


My idea for a YouTube series channel "Butt or Scotch": I will review brands of Scotch whisky. After taking a sip of the Scotch, if it's good, I'll say, "That's Scotch!" If it's bad, I'll say, "That's butt!"


That is unexpectable!