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It's gonna be one of those lives.


If capitalism runs its course, we're going to end up with The Gulf of Taco Bell.

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№ 40 1000 Books

Brian met his 1000 book goal, so he discusses the books he's read, highlighting every hundredth book.

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№ 39 Sports

Brian and guest host Matt Koser discuss their favorite sports to play and watch.

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№ 38 Grunts

Brian shares his ten favorite grunts with Melissa and the world.

№ 37 LOST Moments

Melissa and Brian discuss their favorite moments from the TV show LOST.

№ 36 LOST Episodes

Brian and Melissa choose their favorite episodes from the TV show LOST.

I need you to finish that as soon as possible. Sooner than that, if possible.

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№ 33 Flavor Combos

Melissa and Brian list their favorite food and flavor combinations.

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