№ 155 Potty Training

Melissa's ten best tips for potty training your little tyke. Recorded on Maundy Thursday, but not posted until Easter because of a kidney stone attack! Pray Melissa passes it soon.

№ 154 Movies 2021

Only one-third of the way through 2022 before we talk movies we saw in 2021! That's okay, we talked about most of these in November after we did our scary movie list. You can probably skip this one, to be honest. Unless you want to hear Brian's theory on how No Country for Old Men is a hopeful movie.

Mathematics for the Nonmathemetician - Chapter 1


February 2022 Summary


Humanity in the First Dune Trilogy

№ 152 Books 2021

We didn't read 100, but we did read some books in 2021. Here are our favorites and least favorites.

January 2022 Summary


And the award for Dumbest Emoji goes to...Mx Claus! 🧑‍🎄


What do babies dream about?

№ 151 100 Movies 2022 Planning

This year, Melissa and Brian are going to watch or rewatch 100 films, leading up to a top 10 films of all time list in 2023.

Ignorant men raise questions that wise men answered a thousand years ago.
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
№ 149 Muppet Movies

Brian and Melissa watched all the Muppet movies in 2021. What is the best Muppet movie, and more importantly, which is the worst?

Brian's 2021 Year In Review


Synopsis of a post-midnight conversation in the Koser household: --You haven't heard of this popular Beatles song? What rock have you been living under? --Christ, the Solid Rock. Boom. Mic dropped, walking away.