I like making top ten lists of everything. Melissa isn’t as big on lists (she didn’t have a favorite color or animal until I made her choose), but I think she’s coming around. 😁 Here are our top ten Top Ten lists we’re going to post here on koser.us.


  1. Animals
  2. Movies
  3. Hymns
  4. TV Show Themes
  5. Places to Visit
  6. Cartoons
  8. Emoji
  9. Fiction Authors
  10. Top Ten Lists We’ll Never Do


  1. Characteristics I Love About My Spouse
  2. Items On My Bucket List
  3. Fictional Universes
  4. Qualities of a Good Villain
  5. Memories
  6. Bible Verses
  7. Superpowers
  8. Alternate Vocations Spouse Could Have
  9. Places to Go
  10. Activities I Like Doing