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Amber's nickname: Pork Snorpy

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Own the Tools

David started using a paper dictionary:

My only regret is not realizing sooner how much I value qualities other than speed in my dictionarying – cleanliness, transparency, loyalty to my best interests, not to mention the refreshing physicality of the whole thing.

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Lydia's version of Hush Little Baby:

Hush my little baby
Don’t you cry
Daddy’s going to buy you a popping sleigh
If that popping sleigh pops away, 
Daddy’s going to buy you a goat with hay
If that goat eats all that hay,
Daddy’s going to buy you a diamond ring. 
If that diamond ring breaks to brass
Daddy’s going to buy you a cup of clear glass. 
If that cup breaks again
Daddy’s going to buy you a baby hen. 
If that hen had some chicks
Daddy will buy you a clock that ticks. 
If that clock doesn’t wake you up
Daddy’s going to buy you a rabbit skin. 
There is nothing wrong about that
So we’ll eat it up. 
Daddy’s going to buy you a hat.

№ 144 Goodbye, Mobile

We're moving! The audio quality is terrible, so if you want to skip this one: we're moving to Huntsville, Alabama at the end of June. For the fresh start, adventure, challenge, more moderate climate, more outdoor activities, etc. We're super busy now but will probably be podcasting again in August.

If I were a My Little Pony, I would have a purple body and curly yellow hair. My name would be "Daffil" and I would be a hairdresser, so my cutie mark would be a blow dryer.

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Tim: “What's that song you're singing, Brian?”

Melissa: “It's from 'Wilbur's Spider'.”

Brian: “...You mean 'Charlotte's Web'?”