Brian: “When I was a little boy, phones didn't have screens. You could only call and talk to people on the phone.”

Lydia: “(laughing) What were they thinking?!”

№ 147 Scary Movies 2021

Brian and Melissa and almost-regulars-at-this-point Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono rank the Halloween movies the Kosers watched in October.

№ 146 Dune Movie Review

Brian and Melissa and guest Clint discuss the movie Dune, from the perspective of a book reader and a non-book reader.

What did the pizza say to his wife?

I'm feeling ranchy!


My REST APIs are correct 200% of the time


Power through Naming


My idea for a YouTube series channel "Butt or Scotch": I will review brands of Scotch whisky. After taking a sip of the Scotch, if it's good, I'll say, "That's Scotch!" If it's bad, I'll say, "That's butt!"


That is unexpectable!

№ 145 Horror Plans 2021

Melissa and Brian make a list live! I mean, you're listening to a recording, but we recorded it live. We didn't make the list ahead of time, is what I'm saying. No, it was on purpose, not a lack of planning. Jeez. It's scary movies we're going to watch in October.