№ 151 100 Movies 2022 Planning

This year, Melissa and Brian are go­ing to watch or re­watch 100 films, lead­ing up to a top 10 films of all time list in 2023.

№ 149 Muppet Movies

Brian and Melissa watched all the Muppet movies in 2021. What is the best Muppet movie, and more im­por­tantly, which is the worst?

Brian’s 2021 Year In Review

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№ 147 Scary Movies 2021

Brian and Melissa and al­most-reg­u­lars-at-this-point Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono rank the Halloween movies the Kosers watched in October.

№ 146 Dune Movie Review

Brian and Melissa and guest Clint dis­cuss the movie Dune, from the per­spec­tive of a book reader and a non-book reader.

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Power through Naming