This is why I use an ad-blocker:

A disturbing animated ad of three creepy children and an old man eating some unidentifiable substance
Megan and her boyfriend Josh Hutt, who played the Scarlet Pimpernel

But if some­one asks nicely, I don’t mind turn­ing it off.

Nicolás Bevacqua asks that you whitelist his ads
PonyFoo asks nicely

No prob­lem, Nicolás.

Louis Lazaris asks that you whitelist his ads
Impressive Webs asks nicely

Sure, Louis. Glad to do it.

Sometimes they give you a choice:

Wired asks that you either unblock ads or pay $1 per month
Wired makes you choose

Whitelist or pay. That’s fair. Nothing is free.

Sometimes they don’t ask:

Smashing Magazine says they use ad blockers
Smashing Magazine makes an ob­ser­va­tion

OK…so you don’t mind if I use an ad-blocker? Cool.

The Washington Post tells you that your ad-blocker is on

Why yes. Yes it is on. And it will stay on. Developer tools, in­spect, delete el­e­ment.