This is why I use an ad-blocker:

A disturbing animated ad of three creepy children and an old man eating some unidentifiable substance
Megan and her boyfriend Josh Hutt, who played the Scarlet Pimpernel

But if someone asks nicely, I don’t mind turning it off.

Nicolás Bevacqua asks that you whitelist his ads
PonyFoo asks nicely

No problem, Nicolás.

Louis Lazaris asks that you whitelist his ads
Impressive Webs asks nicely

Sure, Louis. Glad to do it.

Sometimes they give you a choice:

Wired asks that you either unblock ads or pay $1 per month
Wired makes you choose

Whitelist or pay. That’s fair. Nothing is free.

Sometimes they don’t ask:

Smashing Magazine says they use ad blockers
Smashing Magazine makes an observation

OK…so you don’t mind if I use an ad-blocker? Cool.

The Washington Post tells you that your ad-blocker is on

Why yes. Yes it is on. And it will stay on. Developer tools, inspect, delete element.