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№ 112 Sleep Training Tips

Melissa gives 10 tips for moth­ers try­ing to train their chil­dren to sleep through the night.

№ 111 Actors: Revisited

For the first time, Brian and Melissa re­visit a topic. And they did it with re­turn­ing guest Megan Hutt, and first-time guest Josh Hutt! Listen as they dis­cuss their fa­vorite ac­tors. How much did Brian and Melissa’s list change? It’s a mega-sized episode af­ter the un­planned sum­mer hia­tus.


Chik-fil-A Hires Atheists Part-Time in Order to Open on Sundays

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№ 110 Candy Bars

After some gru­el­ing re­search, Melissa and Brian are joined again by Tim Binzel to dis­cuss their fa­vorite candy bars.

№ 109 Movies Pre-1960

Teaching Facebook a les­son! The ethics of whistling at work! The moon land­ing! Oh, and our fa­vorite movies re­leased be­fore 1960. Just some of the top­ics Brian and Melissa dis­cuss with Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono, hosts of The Sci-Fi Christian pod­cast.

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№ 108 Animated Shows

Melissa and Brian are joined by their first re­turn­ing guest, Zach Koser, to talk about their fa­vorite an­i­mated TV shows. Yay car­toons!

№ 107 Rapsters

Brian and Melissa re­cently got into rap­ster mu­sic. They each list their ten fa­vorite rap­sters.


A Celebration of Language


Friends” Poem

№ 106 Studio C Videos

Melissa and Brian list their fa­vorite videos from the sketch com­edy group Studio C.

№ 105 Board Games Addendum 2019

Brian and Melissa wrap up the board game talk by run­ning through the games they played on the cruise and ex­plain­ing why cer­tain games fell off their top 10 lists.

№ 104 Board Games 2018

Special guests Joe and Heather Wiggins join to dis­cuss their fa­vorite board games of all time. That’s forty board games, plus hon­or­able men­tions, crammed into our longest episode yet!

№ 103 Books 2018

Brian and Melissa dis­cuss the books they read in 2018 in this su­per-size episode: the best, the worst, and plenty of stats. Plus feed­back from Megan and Joshua!

№ 102 Movies 2018

Melissa and Brian run through all the movies they saw in 2018. Hear about the best and the worst!

Christmas Letter 2018

Brian, Melissa, Lydia, Amber
№ 100 Ten to One Episodes

Melissa and Brian cel­e­brate them­selves! For the 100th episode they take a look back at all the episodes that came be­fore, cov­er­ing the best and worst of the past two and a half years.

№ 98 Christmas Songs

Melissa and Brian share their fa­vorite Christmas songs, just in time for the hol­i­days.

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№ 96 TV Show Intros

Brian and Melissa list their ten fa­vorite TV show in­tros. Both theme songs and vi­su­als are con­sid­ered.

№ 95 Pregnancy and Post-Partum Advice

Melissa gives words of wis­dom for preg­nancy and post-par­tum moth­ers. Brian shares pres­i­dent trivia and plays Guess That Medication.