Merry Christmas 2014!

Greetings to all our dear family and friends! We’ve had quite a full year, most of it fun-filled, and we praise the Lord for His goodness throughout every moment of it. Since this was our last year of working at PCC, January through June was marked by how many times we could have friends and campus kids over before we went our separate ways. One fun landmark was in April: we threw a computer-themed surprise birthday party for Brian and had a blast! Many thanks to those who came and made it such a special day.

Photo from Brian’s birthday party 2014
Friends at the birthday party

In June we launched a small dream of ours: a recipe website, at! Currently it only contains Melissa’s recipes, and the design is very basic, but in the coming years we’ll continue to make improvements. In the meantime, feel free to browse for ideas (or just for fun!).

It’s been a pleasure working with such fine folk at PCC, and we do miss the good work atmosphere. Brian enjoyed working in children’s church at PCC, and Melissa misses playing in the church orchestra. We also enjoyed attending a Couples’ Bible Study, taught by Dr. Dale Adkins. Our last day of work at PCC was July 18th, and we moved out the very next day. We praise the Lord for His grace in holding off the rain as we loaded the truck. Huge thanks (again!) for everyone that made it a short move—45 minutes to load the truck, and another 15 minutes to finish cleaning the house. Several of our friends also drove to our new house in Mobile, AL and helped us unload everything into the new apartment.

Some of our friends got married this year (woohoo!). In July we attended the wedding of Jonathan and Janae Sparks, and in August that of Andrew and Carrie Olsen. Since then, we’ve been able to keep (somewhat) in contact with our campus kids at PCC, and roughly once a month we are able to bring Megan Koser over for a weekend of relaxation.

Jonathan and Janae Sparks at their wedding reception
Jonathan & Janae Sparks at their wedding reception
Andrew Olsen
Andrew Olsen…one of his better pictures 😉

God has led us to Crossroads Baptist Church, a wonderful church with caring people. The fellowship meals each month have helped us in getting to know our new church family, and already we feel right at home! There are also many service opportunities, and we’re excited to see what the Lord will do in this ministry.

These later months have been full of family (always a good thing!). In October we got to spend a few days with Melissa’s parents, as well as introduce them to our church family. In November we spent Thanksgiving with nearly all of Brian’s family, and we enjoyed watching Megan Koser perform in Pirates of Penzance at PCC.

Danny Koser
Danny, Brian’s 21-month-old brother

December has so far been a busy month with decorating, making goodies, preparing for a piano recital, and making more goodies. In the middle of this we took a weekend to celebrate our third anniversary with horseback riding, followed by dinner at the Oyster House. The following weekend Megan Koser spent a few days with us after her semester at college was over, and willingly did a photo shoot for us. Thanks a bunch, Megan!

Brian and Melissa at park
Megan’s photography skills making us look good

Last Christmas was spent with Brian’s family (including a surprise visit from Matt and Lindsey Rhoades), so this year we’ll be flying down to Honduras to celebrate the New Year with Melissa’s family.

If you’ll be anywhere near Mobile in 2015, please stop by and visit! And please make use of our guest bedroom; we wouldn’t want it to go to waste. 😊 Looking forward to seeing many of you this coming year!