If I were a My Little Pony, I would have a purple body and curly yellow hair. My name would be "Daffil" and I would be a hairdresser, so my cutie mark would be a blow dryer.


Tim: “What's that song you're singing, Brian?”

Melissa: “It's from 'Wilbur's Spider'.”

Brian: “...You mean 'Charlotte's Web'?”


My cat name: Wobbleton

№ 143 SILOW Volume I: Books

Brian introduces a new series: Stuff I Learned on Wikipedia. Which article related to books is the most interesting? Is the answer, "None of them"?

136 facts every web dev should know before they burn out and turn to landscape painting or nude modelling

Excellent list. One of my favorites:

  1. Naming things is fantastic. Everything on the screen should have a name. It’s better for your work. It’s better for accessibility. It’s better for your design. Take a table view and name it ‘Inbox’, ‘Screener’, or ‘Paper Trail’, and they suddenly mean something. What you do with them has changed. A good name transforms design and action.

Koser's Theory of Leftovers: At midnight, leftovers are redistributed evenly

(E.g., if I eat 4 pizza slices, Melissa eats 2, and there are 2 slices left, we both get 1 slice the next day)

A good science fiction story should be able to predict not the automobile but the traffic jam.
— Frederik Pohl
NASA’s bold bet on Starship for the Moon may change spaceflight forever

By betting on Starship, which entails a host of development risks, NASA is taking a chance on what would be a much brighter future. One in which not a handful of astronauts go to the Moon or Mars, but dozens and then hundreds. In this sense, Starship represents a radical departure for NASA and human exploration.

№ 142 Dr. Seuss Books

Melissa and Brian share their favorite Dr. Seuss books. How many of Seuss's Sinful Six made it onto their lists?!

In the background I heard Amber doing a broken record repeat of "a dream is a wish your heart makes." A little bit later, Brian came up to show me a picture on his phone and said, "A bream is a fish in some lakes." 🤦‍♀️🙄