Rain poured down outside the car, and the little boy squirmed unhappily. "I'm tired of this!" he complained. His mother smiled tenderly as she answered, "It won't be long now; these things usually clear up in a day or two." Sure enough, just a few days later the sun was shining brightly again, and the little boy was happy. But some time later, dark clouds began to boil overhead, and gusts of wind lashed fiercely at the car. Full of fear, the little boy whimpered, "How much longer is this going to last?" His older sister leaned over from her seat and hugged him. "It's OK," she reassured him. "Sometimes you just have to let things run their course. It'll pass eventually." And just as she had promised, the frightful weather was replaced with peace and calm. But again, as time went on... "Please, make it stop!" screamed the little boy, as lightning flashed and thunder crashed. Hail pummeled the car, and night made it impossible to see anything outside. His father gently stroked the little boy's head, and gathered him in his arms. Calmly, the father spoke of their journey together. "We're in here for the foreseeable future, son, and only God knows how long this will take. But He's the One we're relying on to get us through, and He won't fail us." The little boy remained quiet all that evening and all through the next, content to rest in his father's loving embrace. Just before dawn, the car rolled to a gentle stop, and the little boy got out. As he lay down on a grassy mound, a beatific smile blossomed on his face. "Look, Daddy," he said, closing his eyes, "I can see the Sun."

The little car rolled on, carrying three hearts which grieved (and yet were lighter) toward a glorious sunrise.