Rain poured down out­side the car, and the lit­tle boy squirmed un­hap­pily. I’m tired of this!” he com­plained. His mother smiled ten­derly as she an­swered, It won’t be long now; these things usu­ally clear up in a day or two.” Sure enough, just a few days later the sun was shin­ing brightly again, and the lit­tle boy was happy. But some time later, dark clouds be­gan to boil over­head, and gusts of wind lashed fiercely at the car. Full of fear, the lit­tle boy whim­pered, How much longer is this go­ing to last?” His older sis­ter leaned over from her seat and hugged him. It’s OK,” she re­as­sured him. Sometimes you just have to let things run their course. It’ll pass even­tu­ally.” And just as she had promised, the fright­ful weather was re­placed with peace and calm. But again, as time went on… Please, make it stop!” screamed the lit­tle boy, as light­ning flashed and thun­der crashed. Hail pum­meled the car, and night made it im­pos­si­ble to see any­thing out­side. His fa­ther gen­tly stroked the lit­tle boy’s head, and gath­ered him in his arms. Calmly, the fa­ther spoke of their jour­ney to­gether. We’re in here for the fore­see­able fu­ture, son, and only God knows how long this will take. But He’s the One we’re re­ly­ing on to get us through, and He won’t fail us.” The lit­tle boy re­mained quiet all that evening and all through the next, con­tent to rest in his fa­ther’s lov­ing em­brace. Just be­fore dawn, the car rolled to a gen­tle stop, and the lit­tle boy got out. As he lay down on a grassy mound, a be­atific smile blos­somed on his face. Look, Daddy,” he said, clos­ing his eyes, I can see the Sun.”

The lit­tle car rolled on, car­ry­ing three hearts which grieved (and yet were lighter) to­ward a glo­ri­ous sun­rise.