We've traveled quite a bit over the seven years of our marriage. We've hit 3 of the four corners of the U.S. (and much in between), taken a cruise to Haiti and Jamaica, and flown to Honduras. We travel because we have family and friends widely spread around, or because we're looking for new job opportunities, or because we like to experience new adventures. But mostly we travel because we itch to. After months, or weeks, or perhaps mere days of the same routine, we desire something fresh to tantalize us. We may travel to see that movie we've been anticipating, or finally get over to a local friend's house that we've never visited during our many years of residence, or even just check out a new store whose sole novelty is its newness. Why? Because there's something so delightful about the unknown, so thrilling about being in a new environment with new sights, sounds, smells, and sensations. Even places we've previously been to can be exciting, if they're not well-known or haven't been visited in some time: a house you've just moved into (but haven't yet unpacked), a store whose merchandise changes with the seasons, a different street explored on your daily walk. Bored with your life? You needn't leave town to experience change. Simply...travel.