Vivacious, friendly, and warm,
Creative, helping, and bright.
She does much, without much thanks,
But when she’s gone, she’s greatly missed.


Mild and cheerful, caring and kind,
She is a friend you can always rely on.
Balanced in mind with a sweet charming humor,
Time spent with her is ever a pleasure.


Laughing and cheeky to bring out your grin,
Sparkling with fun is this girlfriend to me.
Always a hand she is willing to lend,
Along with her smile that brightens the mood.


Quiet, shy, not craving your notice,
Witty, fair, a pearl among pebbles.
Her thoughts are of others, never herself,
She’s the gentlest and sweetest of any I’ve met.


Often the start of a fun, hearty joke,
She’ll cheerily laugh at her own traits and quirks,
While caring and service are foremost in mind,
To shoulder your burdens and lighten your load.


Sassy yet kind, fervent yet grounded,
Complex in spirit and sincere in soul.
Lovely of face and more lovely of heart,
Her family is ever her aim to uphold.


Exquisite in looks, such as only is dreamed of,
Yet pride or conceit will not ever portray her.
Strongly intelligent and musically gifted,
Talents and wits are delighting to all.


Recently met, yet such a dear heart!
Her smile is sunshine in every room.
A mother she is, and the word is high praise,
For she’s gentle and firm, tender and fun.