Played around with ChatGPT. It's fun, and way more advanced than the Markov chain-type text generators I played around with a decade ago. You could write newspaper articles with it. But I don't see it generating a novel that's actually good, like some are predicting. And if this is 10 steps forward in the last decade, General AI is on another planet.

Tell a short story about a giraffe eating birds in the style of a gothic novel

The giraffe towered over the landscape, its long neck stretching out towards the sky. The sun had begun to set, casting a warm orange glow over the savannah. As the giraffe surveyed the land below, it spotted a group of birds perched in a nearby tree.

The giraffe's eyes narrowed as it watched the birds. It had never eaten birds before, but it was hungry and desperate. With a graceful and stealthy movement, the giraffe crept closer to the tree.

The birds, unaware of the giraffe's presence, continued to chirp and sing. The giraffe's heart pounded in its chest as it drew closer and closer to its prey. Just as it was about to strike, a sudden gust of wind rustled the leaves of the tree, alerting the birds to the giraffe's presence.

Panicked, the birds took flight, but the giraffe was too quick. It lunged forward and snagged one of the birds in its powerful jaws. The other birds squawked in alarm as they watched their comrade being devoured by the giraffe.

The giraffe savored the taste of the bird, its gothic soul delighting in the darkness of the act. It continued to stalk and hunt the birds, reveling in its newfound power and hunger. The giraffe had become a creature of the night, a gothic predator feeding on the innocent and unsuspecting.

Write a poem in the style of robert louis stevenson about a sock

There once was a sock, so small and so neat It lived in a drawer, amongst socks that were sweet It was soft and it was cozy, and it fit on my toes But then one day, it met with a fate that no one knows

It was washed and it was dried, and it was put away But when I went to wear it, it had disappeared, oh my I looked high and I looked low, but the sock was nowhere to be found And so I was left with just one, and my feet were cold, unclothed

But the sock, it was not gone, it had simply taken flight It had been whisked away, to a land beyond sight A land of socks, of all shapes and sizes A land where socks are free, and they live their lives in a paradise

So if you ever lose a sock, don't despair or be blue It may have just gone on an adventure, to a land that is new A land where socks are happy, and they never have to be alone A land where they can be themselves, and they never have to be shown.

Write a haiku about an agoraphobic manatee

Agoraphobic manatee Trapped within its watery home Afraid to venture out

Write the intro for the podcast ten to one, the podcast where we make top ten lists about everything

Welcome to Ten to One, the podcast where we make top ten lists about everything! In each episode, we'll countdown our picks for the top ten best, worst, most interesting, and strangest things in a wide range of categories. From the top ten most beautiful cities in the world to the top ten worst excuses for being late to work, we'll cover it all. So join us as we count down the best of the best and the worst of the worst on Ten to One!

Tell a joke about Herman Melville

Why was Herman Melville always at sea? Because he was a whaler!