№ 20 Fictional Creatures

Brian and Melissa are joined by Brian’s brother Luke as they dis­cuss their fa­vorite fic­tional crea­tures.

№ 19 Memories

Brian and Melissa re­mem­ber their fa­vorite mem­o­ries.

№ 18 Hymns

Melissa and Brian sing their ten fa­vorite Christian hymns.

№ 16 Board Game Names

Melissa and Brian dis­cuss their fa­vorite board game names. The word evocative” is used a lot.

№ 14 Animals

Melissa and Brian list their fa­vorite an­i­mals, with fun facts ga­lore.

№ 8 Actors

Melissa and Brian dis­cuss which ac­tors work they’re most in­ter­ested in watch­ing.

№ 6 Veggietales Songs

Melissa and Brian tell (and maybe sing a lit­tle of) their fa­vorite Veggietales songs.

№ 4 Villains

Melissa and Brian dis­cuss the ten vil­lains they love to hate (or just plain hate).

№ 3 Podcasts

Brian and Melissa talk through their top ten pod­casts.

№ 2 Musicals

Melissa and Brian each pick their top ten movie mu­si­cals.

№ 1 Lamest Superheroes

This week Brian and Melissa each in­vent ten lame su­per­heroes with lame su­per­pow­ers. These char­ac­ters would be right at home on The Tick or Mystery Men.