№ 106 Studio C Videos

Melissa and Brian list their favorite videos from the sketch comedy group Studio C.

№ 105 Board Games Addendum 2019

Brian and Melissa wrap up the board game talk by running through the games they played on the cruise and explaining why certain games fell off their top 10 lists.

№ 104 Board Games 2018

Special guests Joe and Heather Wiggins join to discuss their favorite board games of all time. That's forty board games, plus honorable mentions, crammed into our longest episode yet!

№ 103 Books 2018

Brian and Melissa discuss the books they read in 2018 in this super-size episode: the best, the worst, and plenty of stats. Plus feedback from Megan and Joshua!

№ 102 Movies 2018

Melissa and Brian run through all the movies they saw in 2018. Hear about the best and the worst!

№ 100 Ten to One Episodes

Melissa and Brian celebrate themselves! For the 100th episode they take a look back at all the episodes that came before, covering the best and worst of the past two and a half years.

№ 98 Christmas Songs

Melissa and Brian share their favorite Christmas songs, just in time for the holidays.

№ 96 TV Show Intros

Brian and Melissa list their ten favorite TV show intros. Both theme songs and visuals are considered.

№ 90 Guilty Pleasures

Melissa and Brian list the low-quality movies, TV shows, songs, comics, games, websites, and foods that they enjoy.

№ 89 Brand Names

Melissa and Brian give the brand name products they prefer over other brands or generic.

№ 87 Fantasy Football 2018

On the day the Eagles start off the 2018 NFL season, Brian talks up 10 players that excite him for fantasy football.

№ 86 Earworms

Brian and Melissa try to get as many songs stuck in your head as possible!

№ 84 Skills

Brian and Melissa finish the trilogy they started with Accomplishments and Experiences by listing the skills they want to download to their brains.

№ 83 Frozen Pizzas

Melissa and Brian ate a lot of frozen pizzas in order to tell you which are the tastiest and best-priced.

№ 82 Reasons to Read Books

Brian and Melissa list reasons why you should read books and end with a challenge to the listeners!

№ 81 Frugal Month 2018

Melissa and Brian decide to be super frugal for the month of July. Listen to them brainstorm on how, then stick around for some listener feedback!

№ 80 Sci-Fi News

Melissa and Brian check an item off their bucket lists by appearing on The Sci-Fi Christian Episode 657! Check their podcast out at thescifichristian.com.

№ 79 Midwest Road Trip 2018

Brian and Melissa took an epic road trip through the Midwest, and they brought their microphone! They recorded at ten different locations (shoehorn!) and then endured the editing process to celebrate their most ambitious trip yet.

№ 78 Cartoon Theme Songs

Melissa and Brian play their favorite cartoon theme songs. How much of a role will nostalgia play?

№ 77 Root Beers

Brian and Melissa hosted a root beer party. Now they've made a list of their favorite root beers.

№ 76 Doctor Who Series

Brian and Melissa wrap up Doctor Who Month with a discussion of their favorite series (seasons!) ...series from the show.

№ 75 Doctor Who Moments

Melissa and Brian continue Doctor Who month by discussing their favorite moments from Doctor Who.

№ 70 Comedians

Brian and Melissa rank their favorite stand-up comedians, and share a joke or two from each.

№ 66 Proverbs

Melissa and Brian list their ten favorite proberbs from the biblical book of Proverbs.

№ 64 Great Songs

Brian and Melissa choose their favorite songs from The Rolling Stones 100 Greatest Songs of All Time list.

№ 63 Board Games 2017

Brian, Melissa, and special guest Clint Patterson discuss their favorite board games as of the end of 2017.

№ 62 Books 2017

Melissa and Brian list their favorite (and least favorite) books that they read for the first time in 2017.

№ 61 Movies 2017

Brian and Melissa list their favorite (and least favorite) movies that they saw for the first time in 2017.

№ 59 Sodas

Brian and Melissa discuss their favorite brands of soda.

№ 58 Crazy Baby Names

Melissa and Brian list some crazy baby names they found on BabyNames.com, then reveal the name of their second child!

№ 57 Jokes

Brian and Melissa are joined by special guests Justin and Charity Tolbert to share their favorite jokes.