• Started meet­ing the neigh­bors.
  • Attended first Lit Life read­ing and All Fellows Eve.
  • Re-learned how to solve a Rubik’s cube.
  • Started the class How to Read Literature with House of Human Letters.
  • Dreamed the Phillies won the World Series. The vic­tory high­light (a la McGraw leap­ing and Lidge falling to his knees) is a player sit­ting on home plate, slap­ping the ground with al­ter­nat­ing hands.
  • Installed light fix­ture in study. That level of elec­tri­cal work I can han­dle, ap­par­ently.

My Thoughts

  • I’d rather tilt at wind­mills than not be­lieve in gi­ants.

Writing, Links, Podcasts


  • Andrew Kern
    • Dewey wanted to progress ed­u­ca­tion: ed­u­ca­tion for all, fit for a mod­ern world, al­low­ing chil­dren to put emo­tion into words.
    • Americans have al­ways been no­mads.
    • Augustine: mu­sic is the sci­ence of mod­u­la­tion. We need to con­stantly mod­u­late be­tween con­serv­ing and pro­gress­ing.
    • Every per­son is holy. Every per­son bears the im­age of God and re­flects His beauty. Be no­ble and don’t abuse oth­ers even in your mind.
  • Karen Glass
    • Reason pro­vides logical demon­stra­tion of math­e­mat­i­cal truths” and logical rea­sons for ideas which we have al­ready cho­sen to ac­cept.”
    • Increase fre­quency be­fore in­creas­ing length of writ­ten nar­ra­tions.
    • Charlotte Mason: if you can’t tell, you don’t know
  • Thomas Banks
    • Boethius and Pope Gregory have both been called the last an­cient Roman”
    • Maximianus, the last pa­gan Roman writer, was friends with Boethius
    • The scraps of Aristotle that sur­vived in Europe were Boethius’s trans­la­tions
  • Doug Wilson:
    • Seraphim are drag­ons. Nehushtan was called a ser­aph; snake + wings = dragon. Satan prob­a­bly a fallen ser­aph.
    • Cherubim: winged bulls
  • James White: Some Thomists are defin­ing God’s sim­plic­ity as His at­trib­utes be­ing iden­ti­cal ad in­tra (to God there is no dif­fer­ence be­tween jus­tice and love) in­stead of in­di­vis­i­ble and har­mo­nious at­trib­utes. Also say every ac­tion of God is taken by all three Persons.
  • Joffre Swait: ed­u­ca­tion is im­mea­sur­able but ob­serv­able
  • Monarch and viceroy but­ter­flies are both ined­i­ble, pro­tect­ing each other (Mullerian mim­icry in­stead of Batesian).
  • Good trees to plant near a house: Japanese maple, Cornelian cherry dog­wood, crabap­ple
  • Guerilla gar­den­ing is plant­ing flow­ers on pub­lic or aban­doned land.


  • To hum­ble a boy, put him in the pres­ence of some­thing greater than him­self.” — Christopher Perrin
  • Pants are not bib­li­cal.” — Thomas Banks
  • It is at her [the Church’s] cen­tre, where her truest chil­dren dwell, that each com­mu­nion is re­ally clos­est to every other in spirit, if not in doc­trine.” — C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity


  • Lambaste: beat se­verely