After recently starting our podcast (Ten to One, where we make top ten lists about everything), one of our first questions was: is anyone listening? Now, we’re just podcasting for fun, so we’re not concerned with getting a bunch of people to listen. But we’re still curious. Since the podcast files are hosted on Amazon’s S3, I started looking into ways of tracking downloads.

Let me save you some time: there’s no easy, accurate way to do it yourself.

Tracking Amazon S3 downloads
Me, calculating Amazon S3 downloads

Thankfully, you don’t have to do it yourself: S3Stat will do it for you! After a fifteen-minute setup, all I had to do was wait for the data to come in.

S3Stat collects the data and gives you some wonderful tables and graphs. You know I love graphs.

Graph of Amazon S3 downloads

For a hobby podcast like ours, I can’t justify paying $10/month for tracking download stats when we pay only pennies a month for website hosting and file storage. However, S3Stat has offered to give a free license to anyone who blogs about their product. Very generous!

To conclude: tracking S3 downloads yourself is ridiculously hard; S3Stat makes it ridiculously easy. For both businesses and hobby users using S3, their service is a no-brainer.