I like books, blogs, podcasts, and software. I’ve created some myself (no books, probably never a book). And I like to support people who create things that I like. Free services are great, but if you made a useful and well-designed app, I’m happy to pay a few dollars for it. We also have a budget item called “Creators”. It’s not a huge amount, but I make sure every month to give back to a creator who’s given me either practical value or just enjoyment. In addition I’m going to start writing about these folks each month as a further “Thank you”.

Dan Carlin

Dan Carlin is one of the most successful professional podcasters. Both of his podcasts, Hardcore History and Common Sense, are quite popular (in the millions of listeners), and deservedly so.

Hardcore History is basically a series of audiobooks on topics such as the fall of the Roman Republic, World War I, and the Persian Empire. Dan is an excellent story teller with a great radio voice. He’s a self-proclaimed amateur historian, but he does a ton of research and presents a balanced view of history.

Common Sense is his political, current events podcast. The topics vary but civil liberties, terrorism, and government corruption are some of his favorites. We don’t agree on everything (who does?) but it’s always thought-provoking and, quite often, really just common sense.

Dan is able to make a living podcasting through donations. You can listen to his shows for free, so check them out. If you enjoy them as much as I do, you might even donate $1/?show to help him continue.