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The Sci-Fi Christian

Theology and Genre Fiction (and Literature and Everything Else)
Our favorite podcast. Check out Brian's fan site at https://sfc.blue

The Sci-Fi Christian Extra

Patreon tiers for SFC Extra, Sports, and Uncensored episodes

Hugos There

Seth Heasley discusses Hugo Award winners with a guest host
Here's my problem with this podcast: it keeps convincing me to read books, and my "to read" list is already too long.

372 Pages We'll Never Get Back

Conor Lastowka and Michael J. Nelson are reading books they're pretty sure they're going to hate

Like Trees Walking

David Berge and Michael J. Nelson discuss today's topics from a Christian perspective
Also Mike sometimes makes Dave eat weird tinned fish

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History

An amateur historian's masterful narration of war and other historical high points
High quality audio books

Common Sense with Dan Carlin

An independent look at politics and current events

Consortium Podcast

Engaging academic conversations with teachers, authors, and professors engaged in Classical Christian Education

The Everlasting Education

Helping families achieve the best of education through a gentle contempt for education

Digressio Podcast

Discussion of our shared inheritance, the humanities

New Humanists

Discovering what a renewed humanism looks like for the modern world


Sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction


Flip the Table

Four friends play cheesy, weird, and obscure board games, review them, then play a game show.
Best edited amateur podcast. Timeless, go check this one out.

Question of the Day

Quick answer to a new question thrice weekly
Fun and quick. No need to revisit.

Not Another Philly Sports Talk Show

Discussion of the Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, and Sixers
Reasonable sports takes. Stopped right before the Eagles won the Super Bowl. I would make the trade 100 times out of 100.