• I'm all in on Bullet Journaling. Still exporting from Google Calendar, Trello, and Bear notes.
  • Taught Lydia the rules of chess.
  • First hike with Suzy. All six of us went up and down Rainbow Mountain for a couple hours.
  • Continued juggling. Already met 2022 goal by juggling 3 balls for 1 min 6 sec.


  • Tom Brady retired
  • Washington Commanders lol
  • Simmons, Curry, Drummond for Harden
  • Russia attacked Ukraine

Words and Phrases

  • Preposterous: with the hinder part before (Latin)
  • Much of a muchness: similar (British)
  • Snickersnee: large knife
  • Solemn: marked with religious rites and pomps


  • Determine which environment to deploy to with a pachinko machine.
  • SSA: It's Ass Backwards™
  • How is a key like a thundercloud? They both shoot bolts.


  • The two major fairy tale plot structures (separation and reunion of husband/wife or parent/child) are present in the Gospel: the Father is reunited with His children, the Bride is reunited with Christ. (Literary Life podcast)
  • Medievals didn't become Greek or Roman, they synthesized and expanded. (Online Great Books podcast #148)
  • Constraints are enabling: cars, art, marriage.
  • Documentaries and textbooks are secondary sources. (Scholé Sisters podcast)
  • Language has historically been and should be the center of education, not history. (Angelina Stanford)
  • History is not beautiful. Language is beautiful. (Stanford)
  • Myths, fables, fairy tales, Bible stories are the gateway to the Great Books. (Stanford)
  • Classics say society is man writ large. Moderns say man is society writ small. (New Humanists podcast #8)
  • If we are just cause and effect machines, reason is an illusion. (New Humanists #8)
  • Plutarch and Herodotus made some distinction between myth and reality (e.g. Plutarch wrote there was no proof Lycurgus existed)
  • Hammurabi's and Draco's law codes prescribed death for every crime. The Mosaic Law was more lenient toward petty crimes.

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Humanity in the First Dune Trilogy

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