Known to some as St. Kosers' Day, Koserstag is a holiday rich with meaning and tradition.

Quick Facts

Koserstag is always held first Saturday of June.

All Kosers' Eve

The day before Koserstag is known as All Kosers' Eve. Traditionally, we call family members (Kosers and honorary Kosers), eat pizza, watch a movie, and camp out in the living room. (Well, mom and dad sleep in bed. The girls camp out.)

Koserstag Traditions

Koser Calendar: Koserstag marks the beginning of the Koser New Year

Koser Year Animals: each year is represented by an animal. Everyone draws a picture of the animal.

Everyone wears their favorite color and a traditional hat.

The Procession of Kosers: a parade through the house to the traditional playlist

Koserstag Playlist: a playlist of songs, contributed to by each Koser

Traditional Artwork: we do portraits of the family

Traditional Food: Everyone picks a dish to contribute toward dinner. Traditionally, something is grilled.

The Toast: the traditional toast at the start of dinner



Date: June 6, 2020 Year of the Panda


Brian: Calypso / John Denver

Melissa: Hoedown / from "Rodeo", Aaron Copland

Lydia: Pöpcørn / Gershon Kingsley (and The Swedish Chef)

Amber: Sesame Street Theme


Powerpuff Portraits, via Powerpuff Yourself

Penny, Amber, Lydia, Melissa, and Brian as Powerpuff characters
Penny, Amber, Lydia, Melissa, and Brian: Powerpuffed!


Brian: Shrimp

Melissa: Corn on the cob

Lydia: Grapes

Amber: Marshmallows

Dessert: Brownie à La Mode

The Toast

To all Kosers, everywhere!