Melissa and I have been into modern board games for a few years now. We’re hovering at around 100 games in our collection, keeping about 95% of our purchases. The main reason for this great success rate is The Dice Tower.

Brian and Melissa at Dice Tower Convention with Sam and David Healey
Us with Sam Healey, one of the Dice Tower crew

The Dice Tower is the biggest board game media company (at least in English) and certainly the best. They do a podcast where they talk about all things board games. Another great resource is their video review channel on YouTube. For most games we’re interested in they have a video showing the basics of how the game is played and talking about whether or not they like the game.

Another fun series is their Top Ten lists: check out the Top Ten Essential Games if you’re new to the hobby.

For those interested in hearing about new games on a weekly basis, the most efficient way is to watch the Week In Review videos, where the Dice Tower crew gives 15-second overviews of all games reviewed that week.

For being a great resource of information, as well as some of the kindest and most fun people around, I made The Dice Tower our Creator Donation for January 2017.