Brian Koser is a Chris­t­ian, hus­band, fa­ther, reader, soft­ware de­vel­oper. (He has a lot of hats, but they’re all fig­u­ra­tive.) Do you see this web­site? Brian built it. Do you see that tree out­side? Brian climbed a tree once. Do you see that bagel? You don’t, be­cause Brian al­ready ate it. 😏

Melissa Koser is a house­wife by day, tak­ing care of a baby and keep­ing a house in or­der. By night, she’s a house­wife tak­ing care of a baby and keep­ing her house and hus­band in or­der. In the midst of all that, she still finds time to nerd over games, books, and TV shows.

Lydia is the newest Koser, and ar­guably the cutest. She likes di­a­per changes, be­ing car­ried, and rasp­ber­ries (the mouth-blow­ing thing, not the fruit).

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