Christian. Husband. Father. Reader. Writer. Programmer. Brian Koser jug­gles many hats. When he’s not mix­ing metaphors, you might find him play­ing a mod­ern board game, ex­plain­ing why you’re wrong, or writ­ing in the third per­son.

Melissa Koser is a house­wife by day, tak­ing care of a baby and keep­ing a house in or­der. By night, she’s a house­wife tak­ing care of a baby and keep­ing her house and hus­band in or­der. In the midst of all that, she still finds time to nerd over games, books, and TV shows.

Lydia is the newest Koser, and ar­guably the cutest. Some of her fa­vorite things are wa­ter­melon, re­mote con­trols, and rain.

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