Washington, E.T.

Author Jack Ells, Jack Ells
Published 2020
Pages 149
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November 13th, 2020–December 1st, 2020


Belongs on the shelf with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and William Shakespeare's Star Wars. The "I'm glad someone took the time to make this funny idea a book but nobody actually needs to read it" shelf.

The idea was for 100+ people to write a novel, more-or-less in parallel. As you'd expect:

1. Writing is hard.
2. Writing something funny is hard.
3. Inside jokes are not a shortcut for humor.


November 15th, 2020–December 13th, 2020


I’m sad to admit I wrote a page of this garbage. The only worse book I’ve ever read was “My Immortal”, by Tara Gillespie. I’m part of the community for the podcast 372 Pages We’ll Never Get Back, and we decided to collectively write a book. Unfortunately, most of the “writers” decided to do their ow