The Terror

Author Dan Simmons
Published 2007
Pages 769
ISBN 9780316017442
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(2 months)
Dan Simmons is great because he combines a "left brain" attention to detail with a "right brain" appreciation of the arts. He obviously did a lot of research into Franklin's lost expedition and worked to make the details realistic. At the same time, the religion and literature he drew from feel like the most essential parts of this book and the two Hyperion novels.

The setting is amazing, the actual writing and plot are good, the characters are great, and it's a cracking good monster story to boot. Plenty to think about as well regarding the basic human concerns of suffering, evil, heroism, and survival. And a modern look back at British and Inuit societies, without idealizing or excusing either one.

My ranking so far:
- Hyperion
- The Terror
- Fall of Hyperion
(about 1 month)
1 star docked from this book due to graphic descriptions of female anatomy and two very graphic sex scenes. That's about the only nod women get in this book. Thanks a lot.
But if you can move past that,this is a fascinating and gripping story. My favorite part actually occurred right around the middl