The Fellowship of the Ring

Author J.R.R. Tolkien
Published 1999
Pages 407
ISBN 9780618002221
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(12 days)
I enjoyed reading this, and I think everyone who like the LotR movies should read it at least once. Yes, I know the books came first, but I saw the movies first and these days that may be the case for many others. I like both equally, but in different ways--the movie has a more urgent pacing which I
(28 days)
17 years since I read The Lord of the Rings? I started high school 17 years ago. Damn.

I think at the time I really liked it, except I thought it took too long to leave the Shire, and I thought Tom Bombadil and all the songs were boring.

This time I felt a strong desire for the Shire, it's simplicity and community. I wanted to be a hobbit, even if maybe I wouldn't actually enjoy how different it would be to my 21st-century life. The time spent getting to Bree was great, as was Tom Bombadil and the songs.

I also remember liking this one the best of the three, so I'm curious if that will hold true.