Stories of Your Life and Others

Author Ted Chiang
Published 2010
Pages 281
ISBN 9780330426640
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(19 days)
The first story, "Tower of Babylon," is FANTASTIC, a fascinating speculation as to what such a construct might have been like. The last story, "Liking What You See," is also a great read. The rest were rather a disappointment. "Seventy-Two Letters" had the possibility for greatness, but it dropped w
(about 2 months)
Short story collections are often a mixed bag, but I was impressed by all of these stories, especially as a beginning to a writing career. Quick thoughts from favorite to least favorite story:

Seventy-Two Letters

Awesome transposition of golem folklore into a Victorian sci-fi setting. One of my all-time favorite short stories.

Story of Your Life

I saw the film version "Arrival" first. Both it and the short are great.


Chiang takes a common sci-fi trope (humans gaining super-intelligence) and just writes a "simple", top-notch story.

Tower of Babylon

Not sure what it was, but this story hooked me. What a great setting for a story; I want more!

Liking What You See: A Documentary

Like others have said, does a very good job of pushing you back and forth on the central question of: "What if we could flip a switch and not see human beauty?"

Hell Is the Absence of God

I can see how a Christian would be offended by this story, but as a piece of fiction I found it fascinating.

The Evolution of Human Science

Not as interesting a subject as some of the others, but still a good short short story.

Division by Zero

My least favorite, but still a good story. Just didn't resonate with me like the others.