Something Wicked This Way Comes

Author Ray Bradbury
Published 1998
Pages 293
ISBN 9780380729401
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(7 days)
Update 3/15/21: It's just as amazing as I remembered.
What a book! Beautiful descriptions, a well-executed plot, intriguing characters, thought-provoking statements, and suspenseful moments combine to form a FANTASTIC tale. Well done, Ray Bradbury. And thanks for introducing m
(16 days)
I read Fahrenheit 451 in high school, and a few Bradbury short stories in college. I remember they were good, but I don't remember being impressed about the writing itself. Maybe I should re-read them, because his writing in Something Wicked this Way Comes is fantastic. Bradbury's nostalgia for boyhood, his love of books, his ruminations on aging and life and evil, all are beautifully rendered, almost as poetry. Add to that the wonderfully creepy setting, fine characters, and memorable moments, and you've got one of my new favorites.

Audiobook note: Christian Rummel's performance is my new favorite audiobook narration, edging out Bronson Pinchot's reading of The Anubis Gates.