Mythos: The Greek Myths Retold

Author Stephen Fry, Stephen Fry
Published 2017
Pages 416
ISBN 9780718188726
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June 25th, 2020–July 19th, 2020


What I learned from this book:
1. Stephen Fry is not only a good actor; he’s also an excellent writer and narrator.
2. Being beautiful during the time of the Greek legends was almost always a curse.
3. Zeus was a jerk.
4. Prometheus was a bro.
5. Midas just didn’t learn.
6. I wish the book had been longer


December 1st, 2020–December 29th, 2020


If "Gods and Heroes of Ancient Greece" by Schwab is the King James Version of English Greek myth retellings, "Mythos" is The Message. Fry is delightful as always with his droll storytelling. Highly recommended as a take on the Greek myths in modern vernacular.