Dimension of Miracles

Author Robert Sheckley
Published 1979
Pages 214
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(5 days)
"Dimension of Miracles" seems like an obvious influence on Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, except for the fact that Douglas Adams didn't know of it until after he had written his story. When he did eventually read this book, he said, "It's like reading myself." I'd say it's a little more philosophical, a little more measured, and nearly as much fun as H2G2. Apparently one of Neil Gaiman's favorites (he introduced Sheckley and Douglas Adams to each other).

Read with Melissa. Not quite as good on reread, or maybe not as good reading instead of listening to the audiobook. The structure and characters are great, there's a lot of memorable ideas, but there are parts that drag and places I wish he had fleshed out the story more.
(24 days)
Great story! I liked it better than Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a book it's often compared to. My favorite concept introduced is that of the predator, but a live prize is also great.