Authorized: The Use and Misuse of the King James Bible

Author Mark L. Ward Jr.
Published 2018
Pages 168
ISBN 9781683590552
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(7 days)
I've been KJV-only because I've always been told it was the most reliable translation. And how could I know otherwise? I'm never going to learn Hebrew and Greek. This book is written for people like me, who will never get the opportunity to dig deeper (or maybe just don't feel like bothering). The a
(3 days)
Ward has a lot of good to say about the King James Version of the Bible. He grew up reading it, memorized its verses, and still uses it for study. In Authorized, he argues against using it as your only translation. The main thesis is that the KJV is not in today's language, leading to misunderstandings with archaic words or words that have changed meaning. He addresses all the counter-arguments I've heard growing up in churches and attending a college that only used the KJV.

My position for the last few years is that I wouldn't give the KJV to someone not familiar with the language. But I continued to use it because I grew up with it, my church uses it, and I understood the language fine. This book showed me that there are a lot of words and phrases I thought I understood, but don't. I read the ESV a few years ago; I'll pick another translation for my next read-through.