Astro City, Vol. 3: Family Album

Author Kurt Busiek, Kurt Busiek, Kurt Busiek, Kurt Busiek
Published 1999
Pages 224
ISBN 9781563895524
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February 20th, 2021–February 22nd, 2021



The consensus seems to be that this is the best volume so far, but I do prefer Vols 1 and 2.

Added to the list of stories I'm looking forward to:

- Silver Agent
- The Gentleman

4.5 stars


February 27th, 2017–March 6th, 2017


As always, Astro City shows some sides to being a superhero/living in a world of superheroes that you might not think about. My favorite story in this book was about Loony Leo, a cartoon lion accidentally brought to life.


April 10th, 2019


January 1st, 2015