Astro City: The Dark Age Vol. 1

Author Kurt Busiek, Kurt Busiek
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March 1st, 2021–March 26th, 2021


This large-scale a story could have easily failed. Astro City has been mostly one-off stories, and the one serialized volume was relatively small and personal. Busiek and Co. double down on the superhero activity (notably the Silver Agent's story is finally told) but still keep it in the background, while the main storyline of two estranged brothers gets the spotlight.

Best new character design award goes to: Simon Magus, although the Apollo Eleven are awfully close

I think this is my new favorite of the series.


March 6th, 2017–March 6th, 2017


The first book to have one long, epic story, rather than several shorter ones. This is much heavier reading than previous books, in tone and in amount of stuff to to take in. However, it was interesting (and rather saddening) to see how clearly humanity is painted. People's good opinion can change v