A Study in Brimstone

Author G.S. Denning
Published 2016
Pages 336
ISBN 9781783299720
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(10 days)
This book started off delightfully, but after a bit lapsed into a predictable pattern of Watson is brilliant, Holmes is a moron. Just as I began to sigh with disappointment, these ground rules were given a good stir which brought back my appetite for the story. By the time Watson and Holmes got into
(15 days)
It's been a few years since I've read a Holmes pastiche, and I'm happy to report that this might be the best I've come across. I've read the accurate but dull (The Seven Percent Solution), the forgettable (The West End Horror), the entertaining but dumb (Exit Sherlock Holmes), and a passel of short stories (surprising to me, Stephen King's "The Doctor's Case" might be my favorite non-canon Sherlock story).

Denning pulled off that difficult balance of adhering to ACD's style and format while adding his own twist. His version of the classic characters have dimension. And he's pretty funny. The audio book narrator was great.

If you haven't read A Study in Scarlet recently, make sure to read the Wikipedia summary before starting this. The opening story is almost a "shot-for-shot" parody, and much of the humor is Denning poking fun at ACD's story.