Ziplock Omelettes

Yield: However many bags you like
  • 2 eggs per Ziplock bag
  • anything you would like in an omelette--cheese, mushrooms, peppers, bacon, ham, tomatoes, onions, salsa, spices, hash browns
  1. Crack 2 eggs into a Ziplock bag; massage bag with fingers to "scramble" eggs. Add other ingredients and tightly seal bag.
  2. Place in large pot of rolling, boiling water for exactly 13 minutes. 6-8 can usually be cooked at once. Open the bags and the omelette will roll out easily.
This is a fun, easy meal for guests. Simply set out the ingredients buffet-style and let guests make their own.
  • breakfast
  • easy
  • crowd
  • favorite
Last updated 2016-12-25
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