Ten Characteristics of My Spouse

In honor of Valen­tine’s Day, Melissa chose to do this list of things we love about each other. Melissa ranked her list; Brian just al­pha­bet­ized his.


  1. Sense of humor

    He laughs when I do/say stupid stuff.

  2. Respectable

  3. Positive

  4. Hardworking

  5. Forgiving

  6. Even-tempered

  7. Listening spirit

  8. Fun

  9. Ability to admit when wrong

  10. Prudent

    He thinks ahead.


  1. Cheerful


  2. Forgiving

    Good thing for me!

  3. Fun

    She’s fun to be around.

  4. Giving

    She is always coming up with nice things to do or give to people.

  5. Industrious


  6. Kind

  7. Romantic


  8. Smart


  9. Supportive

  10. Thoughtful

    She thinks about others.

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