Support Creators: Launchy

Did you know on Win­dows 8 and 10 you can hit the Win­dows key then start typ­ing to search for apps, set­tings, and files? I’ve been us­ing Launchy to do just that since Win­dows XP. In fact, I still use Launchy, for two rea­sons: first, it’s faster than the Win­dows search on my five-year-old lap­top. Sec­ond, it in­cludes di­rec­to­ries in its in­dex, and I find my­self search­ing for di­rec­to­ries more of­ten than files. For it’s con­sis­tent great­ness, I made Launchy my Sep­tem­ber cre­ators do­na­tion.

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