Book Review: Think Like a Freak

Think Like a Freak book cover
Think Like a Freak
Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner

(Listened to audiobook)

If you lis­ten to the Freako­nom­ics pod­cast you can skip the book; it’s ba­si­cally a “great­est hits” col­lec­tion of the last cou­ple years of episodes. Per nor­mal for Levitt and Dub­ner, the con­tent is fas­ci­nat­ing: how did a thin Japan­ese man shat­ter a long­stand­ing hot dog-eat­ing record? How can you bait ter­ror­ists into re­veal­ing them­selves? (The au­thors ex­e­cuted this feat with some de­cep­tion in their pre­vi­ous book.) Why did one multi­na­tional re­tailer con­tinue to spend mil­lions on news­pa­per ads they knew were in­ef­fec­tive? This book won’t rad­i­cally al­ter how you see the world, but it will shift it a few de­grees.

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