Book Review: The Devil’s Dictum

The Devil’s Dictum book cover
The Devil’s Dictum
Frederick Heimbach

I like al­ter­nate his­tory, and I like Amer­i­can his­tory, so The Devil’s Dictum was a good combo for me. The premise is that in­stead of Amer­ica be­ing founded by Chris­tians, it was founded by Sa­tanists. The re­sult­ing world some­times seemed over-the-top, but I kept think­ing, “Well…maybe it could have hap­pened like this?” And the au­thor men­tions writ­ing pulp fic­tion in the ac­knowl­edg­ments, so a lit­tle over-the-top is to be ex­pected. 😁 Most of the en­joy­ment for me was learn­ing the his­tory, see­ing fa­mil­iar char­ac­ters in un­fa­mil­iar sit­u­a­tions, and try­ing to guess iden­ti­ties. I ac­tu­ally was less in­ter­ested in the plot than in read­ing about those “his­tor­i­cal” de­tails. Even so it was a page-turner and a quick read, and I’d rec­om­mend it for al­ter­nate his­tory fans.

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