Book Review: Dimension of Miracles

Dimension of Miracles book cover
Dimension of Miracles
Robert Sheckley

(Listened to audiobook)

Dimension of Miracles seems like an ob­vi­ous in­flu­ence on Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy…ex­cept for the fact that Dou­glas Adams did­n’t even know of it un­til af­ter he had writ­ten his story. When he did even­tu­ally read this book, he said, “It’s like read­ing my­self.” I’d say it’s a lit­tle more philo­soph­i­cal, a lit­tle more mea­sured, and nearly as much fun as H2G2. Ap­par­ently one of Neil Gaiman’s fa­vorites (he in­tro­duced Sheck­ley and Dou­glas Adams to each other).

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