Hi, my name is Brian Koser, and I have a problem. I can’t resist used book stores, used book sales, flea markets…to be completely honest I even browse through the used books at Goodwill. 😳

Sadly, Melissa suffers from the same affliction. Happily, we comfort each other by purchasing books. We’re up to 542 now. How do I know the exact number? Let me introduce you, fellow book-lover, to a handy little Android app: the aptly-named Book Catalog.

This app lets you create a personal database of books. Books with an ISBN barcode can be scanned in; you can also type the ISBN code or title to enter books. The other killer feature for me is that it synchronizes with Goodreads, the social network for readers*. With Book Catalog I can avoid coming home with a stack of books, only to realize that we already own half of them. That’s why my August creators donation went to Philip Warner, creator of Book Catalog.