About Us

Christian. Husband. Father. Reader. Writer. Programmer. Brian Koser jug­gles many hats. When he’s not mix­ing metaphors, you might find him play­ing a mod­ern board game, ex­plain­ing why you’re wrong, or writ­ing in the third per­son.

Melissa Koser is a house­wife by day, tak­ing care of a baby and keep­ing a house in or­der. By night, she’s a house­wife tak­ing care of a baby and keep­ing her house and hus­band in or­der. In the midst of all that, she still finds time to nerd over games, books, and TV shows.

Lydia Koser is the oldest little girl in the house. She likes books, games, and everything purple. When she grows up she's going to be a doctor, a dentist, a barber, a baker, and a pilot.

Amber Koser is the baby of the family, but we haven't told her yet. She loves giraffes, tickles, and funny faces.